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The Menorcan Cultural Society and History Press are proud to present Kenneth Beeson’s Fromajadas and Indigo: The Minorcan Colony in Florida. A limited number of these books are still available from the Society at $17.95 each plus shipping. All proceeds benefit the Society. If you are interested in purchasing the book contact:



Patricia Griffin’s Mullet on the Beach is available through, or if you are in St. Augustine it is available at the gift shop of the Oldest House.



Masters, Ann Browning. Floridanos, Menorcans, Cattle-Whip Crackers: Poetry of St. Augustine. Cocoa: Florida Historical Society Press, 2015. This book is available at the Florida Historical Society, Oldest House Gift Shop, St. Augustine Visitor’s Information Center, Amistad, Anastasia Books St. Augustine, Fl. and on-line at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Panagopoulos, E.P. New Smyrna: An Eighteenth Century Greek Odyssey. Gainesville: Univ. of Florida Press, 1966. This book is now available in paperback reprint from Holy Cross Press and may be purchased at St. Photios National Shrine in St. Augustine.

Quinn, Jane.  Minorcans in Florida: Their History and Heritage. St. Augustine: Mission Press, 1975.

Rasico, Philip. The Minorcans of Florida: Their History, Language and Culture. New Smyrna: Luthers Publishing, 1990.  This book is available at the gift shop of the New Smyrna Museum of History.  The museum has a fantastic new exhibit on the New Smyrna colony and many artifacts from archaeological digs in the area relating to the colonists.

Schafer, Daniel L. “St. Augustine’s British Years: 1763-1784” El Escribano 38, 2001, St. Augustine Historical Society

Schafer, Daniel L. “Governor James Grant’s Villa: A British East Florida Indigo Plantation” El Escribano 37 2000, St. Augustine Historical Society.

Both of Dr. Schafer’s volumes are available in the gift shop of the Oldest House.


Smyrnea: Lost and Found, Gale Force Films, Filmaker George Sibley, 2006.

This is available in DVD format at the Oldest House gift shop and at the New Smyrna History Museum.