The Menorcan Cultural Society


November 8, 2015 in the drizzling rain, local Menorcans gathered at Fr. Pedro Camps statute for the annual Menorcan Walk.  The procession wound its way through the historic district and ended with a blessing by local Menorcan and priest Fr. Booth at the Tolomato Cemetery where a number of our ancestors are buried.





Menorcan Delegation 18-20 September 2015

September 18, 2015

29 people from Menorca arrive for a three day visit to St. Augustine. Led by Sr. Luis Alejandre-Sintes and Ms. Kimberly Marshall of the U. S. Consular Agency, the delegation had a rare opportunity to meet King Philipe VI and Queen Letizia of Spain and have a photo taken with their Royal Highnesses in front of Fr. Pedro Camps Statute in the Cathedral Courtyard.

Menorcan delagation pose with local Menorcans in front of Fr. Pedro Camps Statute
Menorcan delagation poses with King Philipe VI and Queen Leticia in front of Fr. Pedro Camps Statute

September 19th

the delegation enjoyed a walking tour of the Menorcan quarter in the historic district and the Tolomato Cemetery. They were later hosted by Susan and Jorge Herrera at Amistad on A1A South.


A tour of the Tolomato Cemetery
A walking tour of the Menorcan quarter in the historic district



Visiting Amistad

September 20th

A reception was held at Aunt Kate’s Restaurant on A1A North hosted by local Menorcans Frank and Betty Usina.  The group gathered to meet some of the local Menorcans. Presentations were made by the Mayor of St. Augustine, Nancy Shaver to the delegation and by Sr. Luis Alejandre-Sintes the leader of the delegation.

L to R, Kimberly Marshall, Sr. Luis Alejandre-Sintes, Mayor Nancy Shaver, and St. Augustine Menorcan Cultural Society President Carol Lopez-Bradshaw             






The delegation from Menorca and some local Menorcans

2010 Menorcan Heritage Celebration

Men. 2010 001
Various datil pepper products
Member Jerry Mickler with County Commissioner Ken Bryan


Menorcan Christmas tree

Men. 2010 095

George Gardner, Commisioner Don Chrichlow, and Sally Gardner


Herb Greenleaf tells Menorcan family stories
Sally Reyes Walton and her dancers.
Sally Reyes Walton and her dancers.








Patrick Duran, apprentice to Stewart Pacetti, demonstrates the art of mullet net making



Dr. Michael Gannon, Florida historian with Society President Carol Lopez-Bradshaw
Members of the Masters Family gather at the celebration


Men. 2010 159










Men. 2010 285
Dr. Michael Gannon Florida Historian





2008-240th Anniversary Year

In 2008 the Menorcan celebrated the 240th anniversary of the arrival of the Menorcan colonists in Florida.  A number of events were hosted and attended by members to celebrate this anniversary.


Heritage Plaque Dedication

In February of 2008, the City of St. Augustine commemorated the historical and cultural contributions of the Menorcans of Florida with a plaque on St. George Street in the area of the old Minorcan Quarter. The Mayor of St. Augustine along with other city and county officials attended the unveiling of the plaque,




2008 Menorcan Heritage Walk

On June 26, 2008, the Menorcan Cultural Society celebrated the 240th anniversary of the arrival of the first Menorcan colonists in Florida with a celebratory walk from the City Gates to the Father Camps Statue in the West Courtyard of the Cathedral-Basilica of St. Augustine. The Society estimates that between 500-600 people participated.

crowd close up walk walk boys flag walk crowd walk girls drummer walk girls walk officials walk through the gates